Golconda has been appointed by Mollet Füllstandtechnik as their Sales Partner for Great Britain. Based in Osterburken, Germany, Mollet produce a wide range of level control equipment to cover virtually every application in bulk solids handling.

From simple diaphragm level detectors to continuous level measurement systems using the latest high frequency microwave pulse technology Mollet have the product to suit your application and budget.

The level-switches of the MOLOSmembran series are based on a very simple and ingenious level measurement principle. They are used for level measurement in different bulk solids and provide the ideal solution for many applications as no sensor part extends into the bin or silo.

The devices of the MOLOSwave series for continuous level measurement work with the Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) measurement principle. They are specifically designed for the use in bulk goods. During the measurement high frequency microwave pulses with low energy are coupled onto the probe and guided along this probe to the bulk goods. The product surface partly reflects these pulses. The electronics detect the reflected pulses and calculates the actual filling level from the time difference of the transmitted and received signals. These filling levels are made available as a 4-20 mA signal for further signal processing.

The simple solution for most discrete level measurement in bulk solids is guaranteed by the comprehensive range of different product designs. These paddle switches fulfill extreme requirements and work in areas with gas and dust explosion hazard, with process pressures up to 100 bar or process temperatures up to 1.200 °C.